About Us

F. Goldsmith and Co Ltd. has enjoyed a long history in the jewellery trade since the brand began trading over 100 years ago. Over the decades, F. Goldsmith and Co has become a widely respected name that is trusted by companies and individuals in the jewellery retail market.

The F. Goldsmith story began in 1898, when the fine jewellery manufacturer brand was established. The company made jewellery in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, which is known as the heart of the English jewellery trade.

Ken Clifford joined the jewellery trade in 1943, bought the F. Goldsmith business in 1959 and made it into a Limited company. F. Goldsmith & Co Ltd. The company then went from strength to strength and the expansion of the company continued when Ken built a new factory in the Jewellery Quarter in the 1960s. The company continued its long tradition of quality jewellery manufacturing by employing local people and utilising the skills of students from the University of Birmingham to produce innovative jewellery designs.

Ken's son John Clifford joined F. Goldsmith & Co Ltd.over 40 years ago. Since John joined the business the company has undergone further development to respond to the changes in the jewellery trade, whilst retaining the traditional values towards fine jewellery that F. Goldsmith & Co has come to represent.

As part of these developments, The F. Goldsmith & Co manufacturing plant moved to Henley in Arden in Warwickshire in 1992. The company also bought fellow jewellery manufacturing company Gullifords in the late 1990s, which has now been merged into the F. Goldsmith & Co Ltd. parent company.

Today F. Goldsmith and Co. Ltd. is still proud to be a family business, with Ken and John at the helm of all operations. After over a century of trading, F. Goldsmith & Co has the same commitment to quality fine jewellery that has been the focus of the company since the very beginning.

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